New Church Building

Christian Initiative Centre (CIC)

In addition to church ministry, we will provide the following resources to the surrounding community:

• Youth activities
• Help for drug addicts
• Help for ex-offenders
• Societal reintegration assistance for ex-offenders and the homeless
• Job training courses for the unemployed and assistance in finding jobs
• Christian counselling
• Community events – concerts, art workshops, etc.
• Ministry space for non-Polish ethnic churches – e.g. Ukrainian, Nigerian
• Prayer support for family members visiting patients in the nearby hospital
• Organization of regional Christian conferences.

We would like a building that is modern, simple and functional.
CIC will be the first large building owned by evangelical Christians in Poznań.
We plan on commercial use of the building to allow for a Christian influence on the surrounding community – both for customers and merchants.

Cost:The minimum cost of the building is 2 500 000 PLN (600 000 Euro).

You can also visit CIC’s fanpage on Facebook (in Polish)