Our church is a community consisting of various people who live in Poznań. We are of different ages, from different backgrounds, with different education levels, working in various companies. Although we are so different, there is something we have in common – that is our love for Jesus, our Saviour who changed our lives. He saved us from our sins and from death. He gave us hope and faith, and showed us how to live every day touched by His grace. He is the object of our love – we want to live not only with Him but for Him, sharing the Gospel with our families, in our companies and schools. We believe that everyone is precious to Him.

We live in Poznań and pray for God’s blessing for our city. We pray for our families, friends and neighbors to be touched by His power and love. We believe that Jesus is the answer for everyone, so for you too.

In our gatherings we meet to worship our Lord. We study the Bible because it contains the only norms for life and faith. We pray with faith waiting for answers and miracles. We encourage you to meet God personally and invite you to our meetings. You can also contact our Pastor Piotr Wisełka (wiselka@pastor.pl).